Fine-Line Photography | Terms and Conditions



The Client


1 .We agree that a deposit of $990 or an agreed amount confirms the photographer for the date specified on the front of this contract.


2. We agree to adhere to the payment schedule of full payment of the chosen photographic package 4 weeks prior to the wedding date.


3. We understand no photos will be release until full payment has been received and fees many be incurred for late payment.


4. We agree to advise the hairdressers, make-up artists, the car hire, caterers/reception centre of all relevant times, details and locations detailed

at the front of this contract and to co-ordinate their services.


5. The details and times listed on the front of this contract form part of this agreement and we agree to make every effort to co-operate in order

for the photographer to perform his/her duties. We acknowledge that the photographic company accepts no responsibility for the extent of

photographic coverage if these terms are met.


6. We accept the responsibility to notify the photographer in writing 4 weeks prior if there is any a change or alterations to this agreement.


7. In the event the wedding is cancelled we agree that all deposits will be forfeit, The Company may allow it to be claimed towards a reinstated wedding to be photographed by the photographer within 12 months of the date of this contract. This is not transferable to any other wedding party.


8. The booking of venues is our responsibility.

If the photographer is required to stay more than 30 mins at the reception, a full all course meal will be provided in the main area of the reception.


9. In the event the wedding is more than 50 km from Perth CBD one night’s accommodation must be provided for the photographer. Anything over 200 kms from Perth CBD 2 nights accommodation must be provided unless otherwise agreed. Travelling costs are added to the package are based on $.90-$1.50 per traveled kilometers each direction.


10. We assign all copyright of all photographs to the company to use any of the images of our wedding in advertising, publicity, promotions, competitions, exhibitions and any other purpose thought proper by the company. We have the right to reproduce the images for personal use but the images cannot be used for any kind of promotion, advertising, publicity or commercial use by any other company without written consent. We will be responsible for this and will incur a fee and/or commercial printing right rates. The company will not complete our package until this is paid in full.


11. If the copyright is purchased we understand the photographs cannot be passed onto any supplier or used for any promotional, advertising or commercial purposes without written permission from Fine-Line Photography. There will be a $990 penalty for breaking this agreement.


12. It is understood that these photographs are to be used as agreed and may not be copied or reproduced unless written approval has been granted

from the company.


13. We agree­­ that no other persons except the Bridal party will attend the formal photo shoot and that no other person is allowed to take photos

during this time.


14. The type and price of the wedding coverage selected and agreed to at the time of the signing of this contract will be considered binding and

can be varied only if the material cost has increased.


15.  We agree that if our album is not complete within 6 months of the date of our wedding due to ourselves there will be an extra cost involved

in producing the album (standard fee starts from $290).


16. Should the nominated photographer not be available for any reason the company will provide another photographer and notify us of the

change and the reason.


17. Fine-Line Photography will not tolerate and verbal or physical abusive behavior. If this is not satisfactorily dealt with by the client the photographer will leave immediately and no refund will be given. If any equipment is damaged as a result of this behavior it is the clients responsibility to cover the cost of  repair or replacement.


18. We also understand that:

(a) All re-orders must be accompanied by full payment unless prior agreement with the company has been made.

(b) The goods supplied by the company remain the property of the company until full payment has been received.

(c) Telephone re-orders require written confirmation with the payment before they can be processed.

(d)The Company has no control over the environment in which the products are kept. All colour dyes and sensitized materials have

limited life expectancy when exposed to strong and prolonged sunlight or fluorescent light sources. The company is not liable for any demage caused to any product after leaving our studio.


The Company


1.The company shall carry out this agreement with due and  professional diligence however there are elements beyond the studios control including faulty materials, digital capture and transferring of data, equipment failure, loss or damage to memory cards and/or digital images, industrial disputes, civil disturbances or weather conditions which may inhibit or prevent the company from completing in whole or in part the assignment. The Company shall not be liable for the complete performance of the assignment and it is agreed that the liability of the Company shall be limited to a refund of money paid under this agreement, which shall be in full and final satisfaction of any damage or loss suffered by us.