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Exciting New Course Announcement !!

This Course is for parents who want to take better photos of their kids !

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Bila Bakonyi


I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years . When I say "professional" I actually mean that photography has been my full time occupation and only income.

I have been a member of many associations, been a treasurer of a camera club, had publications, exhibitions, won lots of awards over the years and run many successful courses and workshops for the public as well as for professional photographers.

Over the years a lot has changed in photography , Now every household has  DSLR camera however they are no different from the simple point and shoot cameras we had all those years ago when we just use the P or Auto mode. 

Even the most expensive camera won't deliver a great photo if the person behind it doesn't know how to maximise its potential, but the cheapest camera can deliver an outstanding results in the right hands.

Lets not forget; Cameras don't take photos...we take photos !!! 

Our cameras are just one aspect of photography which we need to learn to master.  However photography is a lot more than just a camera. It's techniques, skills and the ability to visualise the result before you press the button.


This Course 

I have two young children and they are growing up so fast. I treasure every moment in their life and want to capture as much of it as possible the best possible way, as I am sure every parent does ! So I want to help you do this !

This course is not designed to turn you into professional photographers but rather to teach you to visualise the image before you take the photo by understanding light, angles , aperture, composition, position, poses and post production! 
We will teach you to capture all the special moments of your kids childhood in beautiful images, preserving them for the future to bring back all the memories of this wonderful time. 

( When you finally have a minute to yourself again !)

PLEASE NOTE : You do not need a professional camera to do this course, Just one that allows you to choose and change settings . 




Saturday 11th November 11:00 am to 3:00 pm 


Sunday 12th November 11:00 am to 3:00 pm 


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What we will cover ;

  • How to make the most of your DSLR camera

Lets unlock the secrets of all those buttons and settings. Its not just about knowing what they do and mean but being able to use them

and set them to get the best results.

  • Choosing the right lens

Lenses are tools in your toolbag. Choosing the right one with the right setting will make a huge impact on the results you are getting.

  • Understanding light

This is a big one! Photography is light and light is the foundation to your photo. Soft, direct, diffused, bounced, bright, dark you name it...You will learn to see the potentials and the traps. You will see the light :)

  • Composition

Learn to frame your pictures right. Know what to include and what not to include on the photo and people will be impressed.

  • Master Perfect Angles

This is one of the most under rated aspect yet the one that can really make or break your photo

  • Shoot in the right direction

I see people taking photos all the time all around me ... and so often I just want to turn them 30 degrees to the left..or 180 

Why..To get a lot better photo! Learn how to see the potential or the lack of potential.

  • Posing children without "posing them"

Sometimes you just want to take a couple of nice photos of your child/children without making it too posey....and if they are like mine..from time to time they will do everything to make sure it doesn't happen do the professionals do it...

  • Tricks to baby photos

There are a few techniques us professionals use to get those super cute baby photos... you will be amazed how much it will help you!

  • Post Production

Well, I firmly believe that post production is there to enhance good photos and take them to the "next level". Sure can be used to to fix photos but I strongly disagree with the mentality of "don't worry, photo-shop is always there".  I love post production/editing and I will show you how to do amazing stuff in seconds!!!


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